Artist Uses Neural Networks To Generate Realistic Faces Of People From 7 Famous Paintings

Technology has developed a lot over the past 20 years; every day, people come up with something new. This digital artist decided to use a neural network to recreate the faces of people from famous paintings like the Mona Lisa and the Birth of Venus.

The artist is named Denis Shiryaev and it seems he has a fascination with recreating old photos and paintings and seeing how they would look now. Although not historically accurate, they’re still very fun to see!

Denis Shiryaev uses the facial expressions of other people from YouTube and TikTok and neural networks to make the recreations as realistic as he can. The Cambridge Dictionary describes a neural network as a computer system or a type of computer program that is designed to copy the way in which the human brain operates.

Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa (1503–1506)

Mona Lisa is a portrait painted by the famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. It was created in 1503 and has been kept in the Louvre Museum since 1797. This painting is famous all over the world and it would be very hard to find a person that knows nothing about it.

Frida Kahlo – Self-portrait (1940)

Frida Kahlo was a famous painter from Mexico, known for her self-portraits. Her work was inspired by nature as well as the artifacts and traditions of Mexico. In her art, she explored questions of identity, gender, class, and race roles in Mexico.

Sandro Botticelli – The Birth of Venus (1485-1486)

Painted by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli, the Birth of Venus is one of the most famous paintings in the world. Created somewhere between 1485–1486, it still remains one of the most beautiful pieces of art. The painting depicts the Roman goddess Venus emerging from the sea.

Leonardo da Vinci – Lady with an Ermine (1489-1490)

It is said that The Lady with an Ermine is a portrait of a beautiful woman named Cecilia Gallerani, who was the favorite mistress of the married Duke Ludovico Sforza, the Duke who was da Vinci’s patron and champion for 18 years, and had the nickname of “the white ermine.”

Grant Wood – American Gothic (1930)

American Gothic is a painting created by Grant Wood in 1930. The painting depicts simple farmers posing for a portrait. These farmers are actually just the sister and dentist of Grant Wood standing in front of a simple farmhouse.


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