15+ Situations That Made People Feel Like They Stepped Into a Parallel Universe

Sometimes the cosmos picks us out of a crowd of millions to see something extraordinary. However, when confronted with these bizarre and unusual events, our behaviours may be significantly different. Some people could be amused and burst out laughing. Others may be disturbed and upset by the discomfort of the situation. However, we should always consider it a blessing to observe the oddities of life and people since they provide the ideal material for future stories.

’’Camel toe heels.’’

Interesting choice

’’He was sitting and eating McDonald’s while catching Pokémon in the middle of the airport.’

An interesting couple

’’Found this pointy balcony.’’

’’This Limo Jet I saw’’

’’I saw a superhero on the way to work.’’

’’An interesting house being built in my hometown in Bulgaria’’

’’I saw this gentleman at the Apple store.’’

’’My client’s toilet art piece.’’

’’Saw this car the other day.’’

’’My aunt sat close to this person on an airplane.’’

’’Clock in my school’s band practice room.’’

’’I need an explanation.’’

The cow house

’’Went to see Monument Valley. The view was amazing.’’

When was the last time you were truly taken aback by anything or someone? What are your strategies for sticking out and being different?


Preview photo credit sweetiesweet/Reddithansschepers/Reddit

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