Mother Leopard Teaching Her Cubs Cross The Road, The Video Is Wonderful

Sometimes, fascinating incidents take place at unexpected moments. One such incident is the unexpected behaviour of the wildest animals in forests. Some behavioral patterns of them amaze us by communicating things in a sweet and deep way.

We realize these situations when we encounter exceptional animals that are quite precious since they are threatened by human activities. This video that we’re about to show you will take you directly into the Kruger National Park in South Africa. It’s one of the largest wildlife reserves on the continent and we can see a whole lot of characteristic animals of the African savannah there. One group of them is the magnificent leopard family.


Maternal instinct is something that is innate and transversal regardless of the type of species. Each mother is a marvellous teacher for her youngsters. She acts as a shield of protection as well as a guidance provider like this majestic leopard that crossed the road through the Kruger Park along with its young.

For them, crossing the park roads is quite a risky operation since vehicles pass all the time. Therefore, mother’s determination to avoid risks was more than teaching the little ones. You will see this feline mother looking around at first in order to confirm that there are no possible threats on the road. She walks towards the road with her cubs after a while.


She was very careful while crossing, thus she always maintained eye contact with the cars nearby. Suddenly one of the two cubs stopped right in the middle of the road forcing its mother back. Eventually, all three crossed the road safely with the help of the leopard mom.


Watching this scene would do nothing but surprise! As to what the officials said, such a passage of a mother leopard and a cub is a very rare incident. Perhaps they wanted to explore new areas to search for food. One thing is certain and that is the immense patience and care of the mother leopard. Maternal love is amazing! Don’t you think so?

Watch the following video.

Sources of the information: | KrugerSightings/Youtube

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