Women Who Are Dating Shorter Men Share Their Wholesome Couple Pics

There is this weird prejudice in our society implying that a man has to be taller than his girlfriend – anything other than that is seen as “weird” or “unorthodox”. This often leads to many shorter men feeling insecure and anxious when it comes to dating taller women.

Tired of this ridiculous stigma, actress and writer Lizz Adams recently shared a picture of herself and her 5’5” (165 cm) tall husband explaining how she’s been happily married for 8 years despite their height difference. Her post inspired many other women to join in and share their own adorable pics of themselves with their shorter husbands – check them out in the gallery below!

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Actress Lizz Adams recently shared a picture of herself and her shorter husband

Image credits: Lizz

Image credits: Lizz

Image credits: Lizz

“The reaction was much bigger than I’d anticipated, to be honest! It blew up after a couple of big accounts retweeted it, and I think it hit a nerve with a lot of people who misunderstood the intention behind it,” said Lizz in an interview with Bored Panda.

Image credits: Lizz

Image credits: Lizz

The woman is a comedian as well and says she speaks in hyperbole a lot which is probably why many people thought she was speaking badly about tall people. This was not her intention, however. “I am taller than my husband, who I love very much, but was just pointing out how arbitrary height requirements are, and that discounting a potential partner based on their height could prevent you from meeting someone really special,” said Lizz.

Lizz’s post inspired many other women who date shorter men to share their own adorable couple pics

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“I imagine it’s because of the reaction people have when they see a taller woman with a shorter man,” said the woman when asked why some men feel insecure being shorter than women. “I don’t think the stigma applies as much to non-hetero couples, but there’s this perception that women should be with men that are larger than them and that sort of toxic masculinity makes men feel like they have to be huge and strong to be manly, but being a good man has nothing to do with how you look.”

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Lizz’s advice to girls interested in dating shorter guys and guys interested in taller girls is to shoot their shot. “Get to know the person you’re interested in, establish a connection and go for it!” says the actress. “If they’re not interested, that’s ok, they’re not the person for you, move on to someone who appreciates you for you, not just your optics!”

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“I just wanted to add that the only thing I regret about my original tweet is making light of a very real disease that affects a lot of people. I didn’t mean to shade alcoholics, or imply that all tall people abuse alcohol, it was a flippant tweet I sent off without thinking, and I appreciate the people who brought that to my attention and apologize for any offense in that regard!” added Lizz.

People loved Lizz’s message

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