Funny Guy Yuri Isterika Tries To “Recreate” Celebrity Outfits And It’s Hilarious

How many celebrities are you currently following on social media? For sure, there’s too many of them to count. Russian comedian Yuri Isterika, aka Mataharik on social media, is doing more than just following famous people on Instagram but he’s also making a name for himself with his hilarious parody of them. From the outfit and hairstyles to the makeup and pose – this funny blogger uses everyday household items to recreate the look of some of the most iconic figures in the entertainment industry.

Most of us follow our favorite celebs on social media due to our deep-seated belief that we can be like them one day. If not then at least following them makes us feel that we’re taking part in their glory. While most of us are simply satisfied just by looking at their perfect pics, Isterika prefers not just to take part but to recreate the image in a very ridiculous way. His amusing parody is in the same league as the creative low cost cosplay of Anucha Saengchart from Thailand. But instead of recreating the looks of popular anime, cartoon, or movie characters, Isterika has his eyes on the most followed celebs that we adore and love.

This Guy Is Making Ridiculous Parody Of Famous Celebs And People Are Loving It

Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and many more – there’s no celeb on this planet that this funny comedian cannot cosplay. What’s more interesting is his choice of material to recreate the outfit, hair, and props. Unfunny parody of funny people – as he wrote on his Instagram page – his clever cosplay ideas has made a big hit with people. He already have over 64k followers as of this writing and if you’re not following him then you’re really missing out on all the fun.






























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