9 Stunning Pictures And Memes For Your Eyes Only

Memes and trolls are the new in thing there is no denying this fact. Whenever there is an important event coming up, be it a sporting one or a movie or for that matter politics, people take to memes as fish takes to water, they are always on the lookout for something which can tickle our funny bone. Here we have a compilation of more such memes and trolls which would make your day.

She is about to fly

We have seen funny things happening when nature is at its very best and when the wind blows in this manner as it has here we are up for some memorable grab here.

This lady has certainly taken the wind in her stride tries to cope up with a smile on her face.

He certainly can think this way

Now whoever came up with we doze our hat off, how creatively thought.

How funny is to have a huge Pepsi can and caption it with this creative brilliance, we surely like what we are seeing here.

What exactly is going on here

We have definitely seen strange things happening in our even more stranger world but this is certainly one image which has passed like a bouncer where we are absolutely clueless what is happening.

2 is a company, 3 is a crowd

We certainly agree with the fact that 2 is a company while a group of 3 is crowd and in this picture if we look at it from dog’s point of view he very surely thinks that the pretty lady has unnecessarily joined their group and spoiled the fun.

Rip roaring muscles

We have quite frequently seen men honing their gym skills and displaying those stunning abs and let out those rip roaring muscles in full glory.

In that way it is quite refreshing to see a women displaying her muscular strength by trying to pull some hardcore weights.

Not so subtle message

We have seen a lot of messages which are displayed at the rear end of vehicles generally it has more to do with traffic rules and regulations

But the message here really caught us by surprise we are quite sure he has customised his number plate based on some not so nice previous experiences.

Mirror images are they

For starters these two are absolutely pretty there is no running away from this fact.

But the camaraderie they exhibit when they see each other is a delight to see, isn’t it

He seems to be a fan

Even we are fas of different movies, franchisees, superheroes and what not, but to be inspired so much by fiction is something which is surely not our cup of tea.

But this guy is not listening he is well and truly inspired, we hope the best for him.

Moment under the sun

We all have great moments when we are near the beachside, enjoying frolicking and having our moments under the sun.

But this lady is surely in high spirits and she does want to go nuts it seems, or so her t-shirt suggests

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