He used to grill kebabs, but now this guy has a fortune of over 1 billion euros

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Our Salt Bae Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis involves his early life, life story before fame, family background and personal life. More so, other OFF and ON-Screen little-known facts about him.


For Biography starters, Nusret Gocke was born in 1983 at Erzurum, Turkey. He was born to his mother Fatma Gocke and to his father Faik Gocke (a coal miner).

Young Gocke was only 2 years old when his family moved from his birthplace in the Turkish eastern city of Erzurum to the coastal town of Darica.

It was at Darica that the young Turk was raised alongside his brothers Ugur, Ozgur and Erman.

Growing up as the son of a coal miner in Darica, Gocke practically lived a life of survival with his family.

As a result, the youngster was poor in every sense of the word, except for his optimistic view of life and desire to open a restaurant.

Recalled Gocke to NBC News. A few years later, Gocke’s education was forcefully brought to an end, availing the teenager an opportunity to transform his wishes to reality.

He revealed.

Salt Bae Early Years.
Salt Bae Early Years.

Salt Bae Education and Career Buildup:

Gocke spent the next 13 years of his life working as an apprentice for a local butcher at Kadıkoy district, Istanbul and at Turkish steakhouses.

Recalls Gocke of his early beginnings.

2009 was the year that Gocke travelled to Buenos Aires, Argentina with a view to acquiring international knowledge about the meat industry.

It wasn’t long before he embarked on relentless moves towards travelling to the United States for ‘meat tourism’ and was finally successful, albeit for a short tour.

An enlightened Gocke returned to his country (Turkey) and opened his first restaurant known as Istinye Park Shopping Mall at Istanbul.

The restaurant had just eight tables and 10 employees until a Turkish businessman named Ferit Sahenk stopped by to eat and was impressed with the entire organization.

Sahenk invested in the nascent business thereby providing Gocke with ample capital that was used to start up more restaurants in locations that include Ankara Doha and Dubai.

Fast forward to date Gocke has no fewer than 13 restaurants around the world with over 600 employees.

Salt Bae Biography Facts – Rise To Success Story:

Gocke was an established businessman known to a few elite and customers until the year 2017 when he became an internet sensation.

The development came after the chef posted an Instagram video that captured him slicing a steak and fancifully throwing salt on it.

The video was well-received, viewed over 10 million times, converted to gifs and shared by singer Bruno Mars.

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