Illustration That Highlights Social Unfairness In The Modern World Through Art

In this illustration, the plight of the vulnerable in society and outline the moral decadence that is deeply rooted is highlighted. Below is a compilation brilliantly exposing the less spoken issues in society.

Nud 1 ty telecast

Nud 1 ty is promoted as the new brand in the market.

Self expression

Self Expression is limited only until it contradicts religion and politics

Social media life

Probably everything teenagers want is social media popularity.

All for social media

New generation probably thinks it can capture emotions.


This is something which they would always have to face

Child control

Children are treated like puppets in the name of education, social matters, and patriotism!

Good, Bad or the Ugly

Evil in an angel’s body

Its all about the p1 lls

Why do we need to be so dependent on p1lls

Reverse psychology

Men drool around women like animals, which is why they are controlled by women!

Social media control

We all are controlled by the social media and there is no doubting this fact.

Religion and Poverty

An irony of religion in a poor society

What kind of slavery is that

Doesn’t slavery know any limits?


This is something we have to work as a society to eradicate this evil

Is it form of a governance or a mere tool?

Human rights are breached using Democracy as a tool!

So sad is this

we aren’t a bit surprised to look at this

We wish our society improves

What do we do in the name of discrimination, how sad is to witness all these

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