15 Times This Guy Created Interesting Photos Of Historical Personalities By Using AI

Have you ever imagined how people in the famous statues and paintings would look like if they lived to this day? Well, artificial intelligence has come so far that it can help bring that imagination into the screen in front of you.

Using the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.), Hidreley Diao combined the portraits of famous historical personalities and gave us a glimpse of how they could have looked in modern times. “One of the perks of modern times is that everybody’s fashion doesn’t tell as much about their social status as it once did, and it makes them look equal, like you and me”, says Hidreley. Scroll below to see some of his cool edits.

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#1 George Washington

#2 William Shakespeare

#3 Vincent Van Gogh

#4 Alexander The Great


#5 Anne Of Cleves


#6 Napoleon Bonaparte


#7 Henry VIII


#8 Mona Lisa


#9 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


#10 Julius Caesar


#11 Marcus Aurelius


#12 Sandro Botticelli


#13 Mary Tudor


#14 Marie Antoinette


#15 Caesar Augustus

Image source: hidreley

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