30 Before And After Pics Of People Who Cut Off Their Long Hair And Donated It To C@nc3r Patients

There are many conditions that may cause a person to lose their hair, with alopecia areata and c@nc3r treatments being just a few examples. No matter the condition, losing one’s hair can be devastating, especially for kids – that’s why wigs often become the only option. And, as weird as it may sound, there’s no better material for a realistic-looking wig than real human hair.
Instead of simply cutting their hair off and throwing it away, some people are choosing to donate it to charities that make wigs for c@nc3r patients. One person gets a makeover while the other one gets a nice wig – it’s a win-win situation when you think about it. Check out the people who grew out their hair and donated it to c@nc3r patients in the gallery below!

#1 My Nephew Grew His Hair Out For Two Years To Donate To Kids With C@nc3r

Image source: storkpatrol

#2 She Donated 30 Inches Of Her Hair To Make Wigs For Children With C@nc3r

Image source: NotABsian0073

#3 Today My Six Children And I Donated Over 17 Feet Of Hair To Children With Hair Loss

Image source: Phoebe Kannisto

#4 8-Year-Old Was Bullied For 2 Years While Growing His Hair Long To Make Wigs For Kids With C@nc3r

Image source: Deeanna Thomas

2 years ago my son saw a St. Jude commercial that changed his life forever. He chose to do his own research and find a way to help. After 2 years of growing his hair, Christian has reached his goal of donating over 10 inches in 4 ponytails. He has chosen to donate to the “Children with hair loss” foundation.  From his peers calling him a girl to even coaches and family friends telling him he should cut it or offering him money to. Even still, he has never once, strayed from his goal and always took the time to educate others on why he made the choice to grow his hair. I am one proud mommy as always.

#5 Here It Is Guys, My 22 Inches Of Hair Ready To Be Donated To The “Little Princess Trust”

Image source: dropdeaddisappointment

#7 Before And After Cutting Off My “Floof.” This Was A Few Years Ago. It Got Donated, And I Never Went Back

Image source: chlois

#8 I’ve Been Growing My Hair Out For 4 Years For Donation. Finally Cut It And Feel Like A New Man

Image source: Daveflave

#9 I Shaved My Head For C@nc3r And Donated My Hair For A Wig

Image source: emmattack

#10 A Year Ago I Cut Off My Hair And Donated It. Here’s A Before And After, One Year Difference

Image source: Drewciferr

#11 Last Year I Decided To Shave Off And Donate My Waist Length Hair For St. Baldrick’s And Raised $1000+ For Pediatric C@nc3r Research Grants

Image source: Drum-Major

My scalp is colorful because the 4 year old I nanny was upset my “princess hair” was gone so I explained to her that my hair is going to another little girl without any and she can paint my head with her hair paints to make it fancy.

#12 My Brother And Father Have L3uk3m1a. I Donate My Hair And Bl00d Every Chance I Get. Please Donate As Well. Every Whole Bl00d Donation Can Save 3 Lives

Image source: happyc08

#13 Today My 7 Year Old Donated Her Hair To Charity

Image source: Jesticles

#14 This Is My 5th Time Donating My Hair To Make Wigs For Children That Have Lost Their Hair

Image source: mikaylanoel

#15 Been Growing My Hair Out For 5 Years, Today I Had It Cut To Donate

Image source: FeatheredCat

#16 We Finally Did It! We Decided To Donate To “Hair We Share”

Image source: chelzeerenee

#17 Donating More Than Half Of Hair

Image source: rodrigovizu

#18 It’s Been A Month!? It Still Feels Weird Seeing Photos Of Myself With Hair

Image source: eleanor.wolz

#19 Maybe Not The Best Idea To Shave My Head In Winter, But 25 Inches Was Donated To “Little Princess Trust” In Aid To Make Wigs For Children. Feeling Great For It

Image source: mikmcgiv

#20 Donated All Of My Hair

Image source: bridanna

#21 Donated My Hair And Some Of You Gave Money, So Here Is A Before And After. My Head’s Cold, But Thank You Guys So Much

Image source: BCDCLC

#22 So This Happened Today. This Very Brave Lady Is Donating Her Hair To “Little Princess Trust” Charity, What A Lovely Thing To Do

Image source: hayleys_hairdressing_liverpool

#23 I Donated My Hair A Few Weeks Ago. First Time Doing It

Image source: Velideon

#24 Donated My Hair. I Feel Like A Different Person

Image source: beaver284

#25 I Donated My Hair To “Wigs For Kids” This Week

Image source: synthguy21

#26 So Long To Long Hair! Donation On Its Way To “Little Princess Trust”

Image source: lalalauratighe

#27 Every 2 Years I Grow My Hair Out So I Can Donate It, Here’s A Before And After Photo Of What I Look Like

Image source: yugus

#28 It Took Me A While, But I Finally Did The One Thing I Wanted To Do For A While Now – Donate My Hair To Use For C@nc3r Patients

Image source: melitajean

#29 I Donated My Hair For The 6th Time Today

Image source: purpleball00n

#30 I Decided To Cut My Hair And Donate It So It Can Be Used To Make A Wig For A C@nc3r Patient That Has Gone Through Chemo

Image source: ZarMarquez

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