30 Funny And Strange Things Spotted On The Subway

Subways are usually filled with boring people who keep their heads stuck into their phones. Therefore, when someone does something unusual in the metro or tube, they immediately attract a lot of attention, and someone in the crowd definitely manages to take a picture in those situations.

Whether it’s people bringing weird pets or wearing bizarre costumes, some folks stand out in the crowd, and we love to watch them. Here we have collected 30 of those hilarious photos that were captured on subways. Scroll below to see the funny, weird, and interesting moments on subways. Have a happy journey ahead!

#1 A Peacock On The NYC Subway

Image source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#2 Well…

Image source:  Jazzdaddy66

#3 I Found Her. She Is Alive

Image source: 0Bits

#4 HoHoHo

#5 You Keep Doing You

Image source: GallowBoob

#6 A Guy Feeds A Kitten In The Subway

Image source: TheHofinstop

#7 This Man Was Sketching People On The Subway And Telling Them That They Are Beautiful

Image source: daaaabear

#8 Hmmm

Image source: subwaycreatures

#9  Super mask

Image source: subwaycreatures

#10 Springfield

Image source: zhenxing

#11 I’m Feeling Lucky

Image source: ibsanv

#12 Cat Scarf

Image source: Georgefayiz

#13 Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Image source: cyberpunkkarmathief

#14 Taking Christmas To A Whole New Level

Image source: bendiknee

#15 Just A Fox

Image source: IosifMarianna

#16 Dude Just Whipped Out This Desk On The Subway And Started His Meeting

Image source: brdesignguy

#17 Quidditch

Image source: SanchoLibre

#18 “How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety”. Interesting

Image source: subwaycreatures

#19 Duck And Cover

Image source: WullieBlake

#20 Never Have I Wanted To Touch Someone’s Hat So Much

Image source: beckyshangrila

#21 Do You Think She Woke Up In Brooklyn?

Image source: dervison123

#22 Try Explaining To Your Boss That You’re Late Because You Missed Your Stop While Feeding A Pink Chicken Cheerios On The Subway

Image source: subwaycreatures

#23 Saying Hey From The NYC Subway

Image source: StuffyUnicorn

#24 Spotted On The Subway

Image source: crazeecatladee

#25 Brazilians In The Moscow Metro

Image source: sallem654

#26 This Guy

Image source: mak-nil

#27 Swedish Fans Excited About Today’s Match

Image source: lostinsweden

#28 This Man From The Future

Image source: subwaycreatures

#29 Thanks, I Hate These Pants

Image source: AristonD

#30 Dude’s Showing His Lizard Bro A Whole New World On An 8-Hour Bus Trip

Image source: RSchelly

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