9 Preferences that Women will rarely Admit

Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend women since their firm “yes” could truly imply “no,” while their self-assured “no” could actually mean “yes.” We’ve made the decision to delve into their minds in order to comprehend these paradoxes and learn to comprehend the representatives of the beautiful half better.

We invited the female members of our editorial crew to share some of their secret desires that they would never publicly acknowledge to having.

1. “When I’m looked at.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

We, women like it when people check us out. For example, when wearing our favorite dress with our hair perfectly done, we confidently walk down the street, and we like when men look back at us to see, once again, how beautiful we are. We even like that annoying whistle from the passing car, to some extent. All these boost our self-esteem and guarantee a smile on our face.

2. “When other women envy me.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

None of us likes it when other women look at our men. That’s when feelings of possessiveness and jealousy appear. On the other hand, somewhere deep in the soul each of us gloats when we see admiring looks from other people. Just like little girls, we want to stick out our tongue and say, “Yes, this cool guy is with me!”

3. “When guys flirt with me.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

In most situations, women see flirting as a harmless game. Things like a smile from a handsome barista at the coffee house near your home, a colleague’s compliment, and other non-binding small notions help us feel attractive, as well as boost our mood.

4. “When men fight for me.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

Of course, each of us will say that their boyfriend is silly because he got involved in a fight. And we will keep trying to prove that any problem can be solved by just talking it out. But if there is a drunk man who is trying to touch us and our man wants to protect us from him, we will feel extremely honored and pleased. Just like in the movies, at these moments we will feel like a fragile princess who was saved by a real superhero.

5. “When a man doesn’t have to think too much about money.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

Even when the majority of us can afford a new phone or to pay for ourselves in a restaurant, we still prefer men who make a solid living. Men who have created a solid living for themselves behave differently, and the reason for this isn’t because they have more money, a nicer automobile, or a better suit. They are more independent, serene, and self-assured. Of course, we appreciate it when he picks us up from work or gets a taxi when we’ve remained out late rather than suggesting that we take the metro to save money.

6. “When I get something for free.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

We all like to get something for free regardless of our gender. And women are no exception. We like getting free “compliments” like cocktails in bars from a man ’from that table’ or discounts that are given especially ’for such a beauty’ in the supermarket. It doesn’t matter how the compliment-giver looks — it’s just another way to confirm our attractiveness.

7. “When a man behaves boldly.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

Bad guys are always trendy. However, over a certain age, we stop preferring those who smoke behind the school yard and instead seek out bold men. This type of man is a weak point for all women. We like when he is not afraid to take the first step and when he is confident in himself and in his actions. There are no rules for him — only goals he is moving toward.

8. “When I have 2 admirers at the same time.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

Frankly speaking, we like to have several admirers — the more, the better. It doesn’t mean that we are having romantic relationships with all of them at the same time — we just need to know that apart from our man, other people think we’re attractive too. When a woman feels admiring looks and hears compliments, she blossoms. It’s our nature.

9. “When a man follows old-fashioned rules.”

9 Things Women Like but Will Hardly Admit To

Already in the twenty-first century, people no longer care who gets into an elevator first and eat burgers with their hands. But women continue to like those distinct, well-mannered males. They assist us put on our coats, pull out our chairs in restaurants, and open doors for us. These are traditional guidelines that make us feel more feminine. Given that they have become so scarce in the modern world, it might be time to add these men to the list of endangered animals.

What on this list do you agree with? Do you have any further information to add? Tell us in the comments what you enjoy but find it difficult to accept.

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