What Do Children Who Were Once Famous for Their Beauty Look Like Now?

When children who were previously admired for their beauty grow up, they may opt to spend the rest of their lives in the limelight. Some may go on to become performers, while others may become famous models or social media influencers with millions of followers. After all, if you’ve been around cameras and the pressures of celebrity since you were a toddler, stardom might feel more comfortable and approachable.

1. Lucky Blue Smith, 23 years old

2. Lily Chee, 18 years old

3. Anna Zak, 20 years old

4. Malina Weissman, 18 years old

5. Yara Shahidi, 21 years old

6. Peyton List, 23 years old

7. Audreyana Michelle, 22 yeas old

8. Thomas Kuc, 19 years old

9. Mackenzie Foy, 20 years old

10. Bella Harris, 21 years old

11. Oona Laurence, 19 years old

12. Ekaterina Samsonov, 18 years old

13. Nikki Hahn, 18 years old

14. Harvey Petito, 18 years old

15. Fátima Ptacek, 21 years old

16. Thylane Blondeau, 20 years old

Is it beauty or knowledge that might open up more doors in life for us? Do you believe that beauty may have a detrimental impact on a child’s personality development?

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