16 missed details in photos people hilariously exploited

There are things in life that you can’t hide. Once you see them, it’s over. This image is burned in your mind for the rest of your life.
No matter how hard you try, things will never be the same. You just can’t see what you’ve seen. Sometimes it’s a terrible picture or an unsightly view.
Other times it’s just something that looks like something else. Prepare to change your perspective. Because here we have 65 random details in photos that you can’t see any closer.

Batman Dog

At first glance, it looks like a very cute puppy. A cute puppy with sad puppy eyes. But then you look at his forehead and you realize that he looks a bit like the iconic «Bat Signal» of Batman.


Do you have a crush on Emma Watson? Maybe not for long. She could actually be Richard Dawkins. I’m kidding, but the resemblance in this picture of Reddit is crazy.

Drunken octopus

You will never look at one of these hooks in the same way again. It looks like a drunken octopus. One who wants to fight against you. Raise your dukes!

Church of the Hen

Here we have a very beautiful church. A church that just happens to look like a chicken. Crunchy men.

Anteater Panda

It looks like a panda and an anthill, doesn’t it? Look again? No, just ants. No pandas here.

President of Joy

This chair likes to be a chair. There’s nothing he likes more than people sitting on him. He’s the happiest chair in the world.

Penguin caterpillar

Just a catenary, nothing to write at home about. Except when you take a careful look. The caterpillar looks like it has a row of penguins at the bottom of its back.

Happy Lighters

These lighters cannot wait for you to buy them. Nothing would bring them more joy than to light your cigarettes. That’s what they were designed to do.

WiFi Water Fountain

This water fountain gets WiFi. No, not really. But this drain looks like a WiFi symbol.


How the hell did that become a thing? How the people who made that sign don’t see what I see. It looks like a schlong.

Giddy Home

This is another building that looks alive. This building looks dizzy. These windows have a lot of personality.

Owl Apple

It’s weird for two reasons. First, of course, we have an apple that looks like an owl. But how can this person have both an apple that looks like an owl and a real owl?

Shocked robot

This car glasses holder looks like a robot. A robot that can’t believe it. It’s in total shock.

German School

How can we not see the irony here? This sign must be intentional. There’s no way you don’t see this sign like H1lt3r with it so close to a German reference

Mop of Fury

his mop looks furious. I don’t know who did what to this mop. But it sure is angry.

Happy Vomit Face

This seat belt looks like it has an upset stomach. And it’s vomiting up a whole lot. But it also seems excited about it.

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