30 Pics Proving Why Germany Is Different From The Rest Of The World

One of the biggest nations in Europe, Germany is home to some stunningly colored buildings, breathtaking scenery, and very remarkable people. Like any other nation, Germany has its own quirks and distinct characteristics.

There are many things about Germany that most people are probably unaware of, despite the fact that it may be known for being the home of poets and philosophers as well as its love of bread and sausages. Let’s look at a few of the characteristics that make this nation unique. Discover some random information about German culture, history, people, and way of life by scrolling down.

#1 Crosswalk Signals In Friedberg, Germany, The Town Where Elvis Presley Served In The US Army

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#2 This House Covered With Overgrown Ivy In The Botanischer Garten Gießen, The Oldest Botanical Garden In Germany

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#3 Fun Facts About Germany

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#4 Kromlau Bridge, Germany

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#5 A German City Has Installed A Number Of Pods For Homeless People Fitted With Thermal Insulation To Sleep In

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#6 A German Circus Is Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience. And It’s Cool

#7 Instead Of A Bible, This German Hotel Leaves A Copy Of The UN’s Declaration Of Human Rights

Image source: ukdanae

#8 In Germany There Is A Waterpark Called Tropical Islands. It’s Literal Tropical Island Built Inside Old Blimp Hangar

Image source: umotex12

#9 “Women Only” Parking In Germany. About 7% Of Violent Crimes Against Women Occur In Parking Garages, And This Is An Attempt To Make Parking Safer For Women

Image source: lechattueur

#10 German Olympic Gymnasts Fight Against Sexualisation Of Women By Wearing Unitards For The First Time

Image source: Mike Blake

#11 When Traffic Comes To A Complete Stop In Germany, The Drivers, (By Law) Must Move Towards The Edge Of Each Side To Create An Open Lane For Emergency Vehicles

Image source: Achim Engel

#12 In April, Cherry Blossoms Bloom In Germany. Gifted By Japan After The Reunification

Image source: Sapulinjing

Planted in 1980, Bonn’s “Cherry blossom tunnel” is among Germany’s most spectacular

#13 Tampons In Germany Have A Normal 19% VAT, Books Only 7%. So Tampons Are Sold As A Book With The Great Slogan “Stop Taxing Periods. Period”

Image source: YellowOnline

#14 There Is A Street Dedicated To Cherry Blossoms In Bonn Germany

Image source: cocaineandcakepops

#15 In Germany, There Is An Elevator That Has An Aquarium Inside Of It

Image source: VALVOR4life

#16 This Is The ‘Neustadt Kunsthofpassage’ A Building In Germany That Plays Music When It Rains

Image source: hpesoj_4109

#17 The Technical University Of Munich, Germany Has Slides On The 4th Floor If You Didn’t Feel Like Taking The Stairs

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#18 Though I’d Show You Guys What We Do In Schools In Germany

Image source: Jach2002

#19 Wuppertal Suspension Railway In Germany

Image source: petershaw_

#20 The Small German City Bad Vilbel Hadn’t Enough Space In The City Center For A New Library Building. So They Build The First And Only Library Bridge In Europe

Image source: Dinu Dominic Manns

#21 German Professor Who Is A Hardcore Star Wars Fan Has Just Repainted An Observatory Into R2-D2

Image source: Hochschule Kaiserslautern

#22 A House Being Moved In Germany

Image source: nothas

#23 The Escalator At The Uni Stuttgart Stop Has Been Broken For Weeks

Image source: Cheyzi

#24 Giant Slide At A Playground In Germany

Image source: EatFlyPause

#25 A Wheelchair Swing In Germany

Image source: zimvi

#26 Frankfurt, Germany Stunning Geometrical Parking Offers 60% Of Space And Easy Parking And Exit

Image source: me_colin

#27 In Germany You Can Play Pong With The Person On The Other Side Of Traffic Lights

Image source: drkmatterinc

#28 Manhole Cover In Wiesbaden, Germany

Image source: Brühl

#29 German Supermarket Has A Genius In Charge Of Beer Promotions

#30 The Old German Man Out Of LEGO Bricks In Front Of Legoland Germany Wears Sandals With Socks

Image source: sysmimas

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