After 8 years of living together and having a child, he still does not want to marry her – the whole world is talking about what this woman has done

What if one partner wants marriage and the other does not – but true love exists between them?

When two partners are in a relationship for a long time, friends expect that both of them will stand in front of the altar. But nowadays there are less and less marriages because many people think that it is not and must not be a confirmation of their love. That’s perfectly fine if both partners think so.

However, what happens when one side wants that document and the other has a “brake” at the very thought of such a connection?

One woman made a radical move just because she wanted to get married, and her partner was still undecided.

Gertrude Ngom and Herbert Salalici have been together for eight years, and Herbert has always claimed that he wanted to marry her.

However, he has not yet proposed to his holy partner with whom he has a child. She was obviously tired of waiting, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. No, she did not propose to him but – filed a lawsuit against him.

The 28-year-old girl from Zambia sued her boyfriend for “current love status”. She told the court that “she is not sure what he wants from their relationship and that it is high time he spoke out on the matter.”

“He was never serious and that’s why I brought him here (to court). “I deserve to know what our future will look like,” Gertrude said.

Herbert, on the other hand, argued that “the girl was not paying enough attention to him and that was the main reason he was delaying their wedding.”

However, this whole story did not interest the court so much that it could not do anything special for either side.

They were told that they must solve their problems privately, reports „LADbible“.

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