The Funniest Wedding Day Photo Fumbles Ever

Weddings are wonderfully beautiful events. People methodically plan them over the course of months or even years, and they are also a celebration of love. Unfortunately, even with meticulous planning, bad things may still occur, and your wedding photographer is there to capture it.
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We were forced to go out and look for additional laughs since they are just too humorous to refuse. Without further ado, enjoy some additional funnier wedding gaffes.

The Bride of a Centaur

Why couldn’t the photographer simply adjust the dress’ train to make the bride’s legs look more natural? Aside from that, the image would have been stunning.

But hey, maybe the bride just didn’t have time to shave.

The Outlier

Perhaps shortly before they decided to snap the photo, his buddy walked to the restroom. Or perhaps he was the outlier sibling who hasn’t yet met his true love. In either case, he appears to be handling it just fine.

Longing for Maintenance Guy

When you find your bride looking longingly at the maintenance guy outside, you know it’s time to call the whole thing off.

The photographer couldn’t have taken this picture at a better time. It almost looks as if she’s caressing the man’s butt!

Outstanding Photobomb

This image of a joyful bride and her bridesmaids is gorgeous, but it’s made even lovelier by the strange woman who crept up behind the window! To be honest, the bride herself seemed to be just as delighted to be there as that woman.

Anything But Water

Apparently, when the groom said ‘I do’ to the part where the priest says ‘in sickness or in health’, that didn’t include rescuing your bride from falling in a pool of water.

Even though it looks like he’s trying to grab her feet and stretch his hand, it still looks like he’s not willing to bend more than that to save his falling bride. Just jump in the water, man!

Wedding Cake Fail

This bride wanted to make a statement with a very real-looking, life-sized, over-the-top wedding cake. But somehow, judging by her face, she doesn’t look too happy with the result. And honestly, we wouldn’t be either.

Then again, it wasn’t exactly the baker’s fault, was it? They did a pretty accurate impression of the bride. The bride’s actual wedding dress, on the other hand, wasn’t the most beautiful choice in the world.

DIY Balloon Bride

Certain projects – like choosing your wedding dress – should never be DIY.

Although we must say that’s quite the creative way to fluff up a dress.

What Were They Looking at?

What in the world was going on to make these people react that way? Did a bird poop on the photographer? Did the bride’s mom kiss the groom’s dad? We would love to know what was happening here.

And by the looks on their faces, they’re not going to need this photo to remember what happened that day.

Current bride

Because every bride is unique, she is free to wear whatever she wants on her wedding day. And while though we acknowledge that times have changed and there are now more options for wedding dresses, this is a little excessive.

Besides, with all that fabric hanging on the back of her “dress”, she could’ve afforded to cover up a little more skin. Then again, if that’s what the bride wants, that’s what’s happening!

Classy Bridesmaids

We don’t know if it was the bride that had this idea but, apart from having a few inside jokes and a funny pic to remember the day by, we really hope she left this one out of the wedding photo album.

The Briefs Buddies

It’s always important to remember what your part is in a wedding. What’s less important is to write it on your briefs and drop your pants for a photo.

Partying Gone Wrong

Blocking the View

The Hitchhiker

A moment that she would rather forget is how her limousine never showed and she had to hitchhike to her own wedding. Take that as a note, photographer.

Behind You!

Sure, it’s important to look at the camera when you get your picture taken. As it turns out, looking at what’s happening behind you could be just as important.

You can be sure that this couple will always look over their shoulder next time they say ‘cheese’.


Stealing Her Thunder

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Um… Do You Mind?

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Jumping for Joy

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A ‘Mooving’ Wedding Day

Practical Jokers

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