People in this online group shared their best crochet projects 30 times in total

People have always used crocheting as a form of relaxation and mental calmness. The concentration needed to crochet not only encourages people to live fully in the present, but also increases their capacity for patience.

During the quarantine, crocheting has once again gained popularity, and many people—regardless of their age or gender—have started projects and created beautiful pieces. The evidence for this is the r/crochet subreddit on Reddit. In this online forum, crochet enthusiasts from all around the world share their incredible ideas and creations. The collection below features some of the most exquisite crochet creations.

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#1 Birthday Fairy Dress For Granddaughter

Image source: Kloewent

#2 Naively Thought I Could Finish This By Halloween But Halfway Through November She’s Done! Halloween Is A Spirit At Least

Image source: ghoulquartz

#3 My Crochet Leopard Gecko

Image source: ProfessionNo4436

#4 This Was One Of My Projects During 2020. It Was Pretty Time Consuming But Definitely Worth It!

Image source: deepestbluedn

#5 My Latest Design: A Crochet Version Of The Strawberry Dress

Image source: transatlanticcrochet

#6 I Think I Invented A New Blanket!

Image source: snapdragonbrand

#7 For Science!

Image source: isalwaysthisway

#8 I Crocheted This Mushroom Jewellery Holder For My Earrings

Image source: itsebony

#9 A Very Special Request… How Did I Do?

Image source: blondibear73

#10 Bearded Dragon Is Crocheted In 2 Colors Of Threads. And Painted. The Eyes Are Handmade

Image source: ProfessionNo4436

#11 Barn Owl Wall Hanging!

Image source: sheacrochet

#12 I Made The Cat Pillow Cover

Image source: Christin96

#13 Finally Finished My Elephant!

Image source: goldsparkleoat

#14 Made A Leafy Shawl To Bring The Outdoors In For My Friend Going Through Chemo

Image source: Muddycraft

#15 Finally Finished My Tunnel Vision

Image source: mwjane

#16 Every Time I Look At It It Makes Me Smile

Image source: taliakai

#17 Just Finished 100% My Fave Octopus Pattern

Image source: piratedreads

#18 More Of My Random Acts Of Crochet Kindness. I’ve Been Sneaking Around The Hospital At Night And Leaving Them In High Traffic Areas. Using Stash Yarn

Image source: Idahoboo

#19 Finally Finished This Guy After Months Of Procrastination

Image source: krystall71

#20 Finally Finished A Sweater For Myself. Had To Redo The Sleeves Three Or Four Times, But I’m Happy With The Results!

Finally Finished A Sweater For Myself. Had To Redo The Sleeves Three Or Four Times, But I'm Happy With The Results!

Image source: ncteeter

#21 Reversible Xmas Ami. Pattern By Chibiscraft

Image source:  Born-Butterfly-7292

#22 My Son Wanted A Rainbow Blanket, And Then Proceeded To Pick Out The Hardest Pattern I’ve Ever Attempted. Finished This Behemoth, And With 3 Weeks To Spare Before His Birthday!

Image source: garbage_angel

#23 Made A Christmas Tree Hat, With Working Lights. Pattern In Comments

Image source: guessdragon

#24 Made Myself A Little Holder For My Air Plant!

Image source: lahdeeduhm

#25 I Finished This Dress Yesterday And One Of My Friends Wants To Buy It

Image source:  MissJTolle

#26 I Crocheted A Jack Frost Inspired Hoodie

Image source: graves_into_gardens

#27 A Few Month Ago, I Started A Project To Use Up Some Leftover Yarn. And Then I Got A Bit Carried Away – So Now, 10 Months And 350(Ish) African Flowers Later, Here’s My First Ever Blanket

Image source: cobhgirl

#28 New Item Finally Finished. He Is 11 Ft Long

Image source: CrathbCrochet

#29 Just Made All Of These Beautiful Princesses! Just Got Kicked Out Of A Facebook Group For Posting Them. But I Thought Your Guys Would Appreciate All My Hard Work!

Image source: Micklles

#30 I’m So Happy With How This Turned Out!

Image source: kittycat176

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